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How to Select a Quality Freezer

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While you can certainly contact us and ask "How much does your 15 cu.ft. -40C chest freezer cost?", there is no guarantee that will get you the freezer you need.  While a 15 cu.ft. freezer may accept all the material you want to load, depending on your application, it may not operate the way you need it to! 


Perhaps you need to get your product down to -40C within an hour or you need to open and close the door every 15 minutes.  If you dont select carefully you may find the freezer you buy only gets down to -30C because it cant compensate for the frequent opening/closing of the door or you are loading in too much product at once for the freezer to cool quickly.


Before you look at size, temperature and price, ask yourself:


1.  What do I need the freezer to do (storage, cold test)? 


2.  What style do I need (chest, upright, walk-in)? 


3.  What do I plan to put inside the freezer (epoxy, plasma, brass-fittings)? 


4.  How much do I need to put inside (20 lb. or 500 lb)? 


5.  How big a freezer will I need? (1 cu.ft. or 100 cu.ft.)?


6.  What temperature do I need to keep the product at?   


7.  How fast do I need to get down to temperature?

If you just plan to store 50 lb. of epoxy at -40C for weeks at a time, this may be all the information you need to start selecting a freezer.  From here you can probably skip down and start asking what features you need  BUT if you plan to be opening and closing the door frequently or putting large amounts of material in at a time which you need to get down to -40C quickly, you may need to spend more time and ask some more questions, to ensure you get the right piece of equipment. 


8.  How big is each item?  How much does each item weigh?  How many do I plan to load at a time?  What temperature will they be when I put them in?


9.What features do I need/want?


10.Construction- Plastic or steel?


11.Temperature Control-  None, dial-type, digital or programmable?


12.Refrigerants- Non-ozone depleting?


13.Doors- Key lockable?  Sub-lids?


14.Alarms- audible, visual, pager notifier?





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