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Ontario Ovens Inc. offers a full line of industrial ovens, industrial freezers, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory ovens, industrial furnaces and test chambers. With Ontario Ovens and Freezers, you will find an industrial oven or a lab oven (laboratory oven) as per industry need and to the exact specifications. Similarly if it is an industrial freezer or a laboratory refrigerator your company is looking for, be assured that you have reached the right place. Ontario Ovens and Freezers can assist and guide your organization in choosing the right industrial freezer depending on the industry applicable and the current need.

Large or small batch ovens, conveyorized ovens, box furnaces, chest freezers and upright freezers are also available.

For over 20 years, Ontario Ovens and Freezers have been supplying science and industry with solutions to their thermal processing equipment needs around the world. All our products are brand new and backed up by a full warranty and commitment to service.
We can ship to any where around the world.

Whatever your business, we have the equipment to meet your needs.






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Ontario Ovens Inc. provides a wide selection of industrial ovens designed to meet a variety of industrial applications. We have got every kind of Curing ovens, drying ovens, annealing ovens required in the industry. Ontario Ovens Inc. also has a broad choice of lab ovens designed to meet a variety of applications in electronics, pharmaceuticals, metals and general materials processing. The lab ovens are available as Standard, inert atmosphere, Class A and Class 100 clean room. We have innovative methods for higher yields and optimized,consistent, repeatable results. We believe in going the extra mile to provide our customers with products that are faster to market with short lead times and quick delivery.

Ontario Ovens Inc. has an extensive range of industrial freezers, laboratory freezers and refrigerators available for laboratory and industrial use. The industrial freezers are available as chest, upright, bench top, under counter or walk-in.

Ontario Ovens Inc. also has a full line of industrial furnaces and laboratory furnaces designed for a variety of applications including annealing, ageing, tempering, stress relieving and solution heat treating. From small bench-top muffle furnaces to vertical drop bottom, we have them all.

Research and clinical laboratories need to safe gaurd their work. Hence may labs rely on the expertise of Ontario Ovens Inc for their high quality refrigeration needs. Our full line of refrigerators are reliable and have superior temperature uniformity. The eco-friendly construction provides a safe storage for vaccines, reagents and other critical samples. Ontario Ovens Inc. has a wide variety of laboratory refrigerators available as upright or walk-in models with either glass or solid doors.

Additionally we provide a comprehensive selection of environmental test equipment designed to meet a variety of applications in the test and production of electronics and pharmaceuticals.

You can reduce your manufacturing costs and increase throughput with UV curing systems from Ontario Ovens that cure UV adhesives and UV coatings in seconds. We have stand-alone, bench-top curing systems that provide clean, worker-friendly cures and are ideal for industrial UV bonding, coating, encapsulating, potting and sealing applications. UV curing systems are used world-wide throughout the automotive, electronic, industrial, medical and optical industries. Our full line of UV curing systems, ranging from portable, light production systems to conveyorized, high volume production systems can be used in curing epoxy, ink, paint, resins and more. All UV curing equipments have rugged design and come with auto range AC.

All our equipment is covered with an 18 month parts and labour warranty, toll free help line and local service support and export to companies world wide.
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